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The efforts of the WSAVA Foundation would not be possible without support from our generous sponsors and partners.

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Computers 4 Africa

To have easy access to the wealth of resources available online, veterinary practitioners around the world need the right computer hardware with the capacity to access the Internet.

In an effort to provide this hardware, AFSCAN has teamed with the UK-based charity Computers 4 Africa. Together, we collect and refurbish computers for use around the world. Not only does this further our cause, but it is also an environmentally friendly way to give back to the veterinary community at large.

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Mission Rabies

Mission Rabies, a project launched in 2013 by charity Worldwide Veterinary Service, aims to make a difference in the lives of people and the dogs in the world’s rabies hot spots. Beginning in India, Mission Rabies aims to prevent the spread of rabies to people by vaccinating dogs. In India, the project’s goal is to vaccinate 2 million dogs over the first 3 years.

To achieve this, veterinary volunteers are being enlisted from around the world. These volunteers travel across the country in an all-terrain mobile veterinary hospital truck to provide free vaccines. In addition, Mission Rabies distributes educational material among locals to educate them about the dangers of rabies and how to reduce the risk of contracting it.

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The WSAVA One Health Committee

The WSAVA Foundation is a co-sponsor of the WSAVA One Health Committee, a 3-year programme of work that investigates several aspects of companion animal healthcare. This includes the human–companion animal bond, comparative and translational diseases, and zoonotic infectious diseases. The Committee has been the driving force behind scientific research that explores these topics and helps to apply the findings to help improve international veterinary care.

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The WSAVA Foundation has partnered with VetFolio to offer special subscription prices for WSAVA members. This gives them access to all VetFolio content, including continuing education courses and Vetstream’s database. By offering this service at a discounted rate, we can make quality education more accessible to veterinarians around the world.

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